Today's homebuyers are seeing basements as a new level of luxury living. A place for home theaters, guest suites, home offices and more. It's the kind of space they're willing to pay more for - which can increase the profitability of every new home you build. But for basements to offer luxury living space, they must first be reliably dry.

Which is why you need the TUFF-N-DRI⡳ement Waterproofing System (TUFF-N-DRI) from Tremco Barrier Solutions. As North America's #1 brand of waterproofing, TUFF-N-DRI衳 been providing Guaranteed Dry basements since 1983. Delivering a track record that other water protection products can't touch. TUFF-N-DRI鳠such a strong performer, it even features a 30 -year transferable warranty* with up to $10,000 in coverage. So start seeing basements - and your bottom line - in a whole new light.


Tuff-n-Dri waterproofing system's flexible membrane is spray-applied to span foundation setting cracks. A quality foundation board insulates, protects the membrane, reduces condensation and helps drainage.

Preferred by Builders
4 to 1**

Why does a better bottom line begin in the basement?

When the basement in your new home includes the right kind of protection, you're provided with the kind of value you are willing to pay for.


The Damp Proofing Approach

The Waterproofing Advantage

The typical method of damp proofing involves applying a layer of unmodified asphalt that's only 10 mils thick when cured. (Historically, this is material wasn't even created to protect basements or even repel water. In fact, it's a type of primer to prepare road surfaces and other materials. Damp proofing degrades quickly underground, becomes brittle and shatters at low temperatures. So even thicker applications would yield little, if any, improvement.

This unmodified asphalt won't span foundation settling cracks, nor will it stop water flow under hydrostatic pressure - which both occur naturally underground. As a result, damp roofing only delays water penetration instead of providing a long-term preventive shield against it.
Polymer-enhanced waterproofing products - like TUFF-N-DRI

This membrane spans and seals foundation settling cracks, and even bocks out water under hydrostatic pressure. Plus, the membrane remains elastic at low temperatures for reliable performance, season after season.

What's more, WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING offers different product options to meet a variety of waterproofing needs. And TUFF-N-DRI튉 adds a high quality fiber glass foundation board that protects the waterproofing membrane, channels water to the drainage system, reduces interior condensation, and insulates basement walls.


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